A sneak peek in to the Audio Production Studio

Envision a fully equipped audio studio adorned with the sophisticated DM 7 V 5.1 speakers and the immersive Dolby Atmos 7.1, setting an industry standard that resonates with excellence?

The inauguration of state-of-the-art Audio Production Lab at the Mahatma Gandhi Building marks a pivotal moment for students, particularly those who are pursuing Multimedia and Visual Communication. This cutting-edge facility stands as a valuable asset, opening up a realm of possibilities for students to hone their skills in audio engineering and production.
With advanced technology and a dedicated space, this lab is poised to empower students with hands-on experience, enriching their academic journey and preparing them for dynamic careers in multimedia and visual communication. The MGB building’s new addition reaffirms VIT’s commitment to providing top-notch resources, fostering innovation, and ensuring students have the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving field of multimedia.

Mr. Raja, the Head of the Department of Multimedia Studies at VIT emphasized the benefits the audio lab that can enhance students’ academic pursuits in film-making and sound production. Meraaki Production Consultancy, the company overseeing the technology installation in the lab, stated that the advanced equipment, featuring Dolby, empowers students to enhance their filmmaking skills, aligning them with industry standards.

“With advanced studios’ like these, the learning is not going to be the same” exclaimed G. Laina, a final year student from B.Sc Visual Communications.
“This studio is a dream come true for us as it is all set to revolutionize learning” quoted Shalini Sekar, a final year student from B.Sc Multimedia & Animation.
The Audio Production Studio is a part of V-SIGN School that offers contemporary programmes in Design, Visual Communication, Multimedia & Animation.