Campus Chronicles: Tales of Adventure, Friendship, and Epic Memories!

Life is all about having fun and learning, and college is a big part of that! Going to college, whether for the first time or returning after a few years, may be stressful, which is why I want to be clear about one thing: everyone is going to be on the same boat! Life will teach you a lot, whether you are a day scholar or a hosteller, so be prepared to learn from every event. However, hostellers are going to enjoy their college life a bit more than day scholars. 

Now, let’s look at the factors to search for in a college to create unforgettable memories. Always be sure that the institution you want to attend offers a complete package of education and enjoyment!

  • Campus: A vibrant and colourful campus adds to a student’s enthusiasm for the university. Infrastructure and facilities should encourage and facilitate learning. Libraries that have digital resources are beneficial for learning current affairs. Consider a green campus as a fantastic place to live and socialize. The more global a campus is, the more opportunities there are to learn about and experience other cultures.
  • Astounding Reside: Moving into a hostel may be challenging, especially if this is your first year of college. You may be making the adjustment from having your own room at home to sharing one with two to more people from different cultures, each of whom has an own attitude towards neatness, decorating style, and organizing habits. If you find great roommates, your life will be heaven! Roommates may make or break your college experience. When you have great housemates, it’s like having a family away from home. The dorm should provide a nice and nutritious meal tailored to your specific needs. A hostel should be more than simply a place to stay; it should also provide facilities for its residents, both essentials and enjoyment.
  • College Fashion: This may seem strange to bring up, but trust me when I say that your fashion style has its own benefits. Most importantly, it makes you more confident and creates a new network of friends with comparable tastes and interests for both males and girls. In my perspective, it is not a terrible thing if a college has dress guidelines that allow for any good apparel without intruding personal space.
  • Hanging out Spots: In a tea shop or a food kiosk, intriguing stories of adventure and camaraderie might be created. I hope you agree! So, in order to make your college experience unique, the university should provide wonderful hangout locations both on and off campus.
  • Clubs/Chapters/Sports: A campus should provide a diverse range of activities to assist students through Clubs/Chapters/Communities that are easily accessible, ensuring that every student has access to an environment where they may learn and grow together. This results in a very lively, interesting, and productive community where you may put your scholarly years to good use. These college efforts should aim to support, launch, and expand any and all companies, both technically and non-technically, to shape your brains. To be honest, if we couldn’t succeed academically, we should be given the choice to try something else. Isn’t that right?
  • Fest/ Extravaganza: The College should organize fests and yearly carnivals to showcase abilities in many aspects. It would be much better if similar extravaganzas were arranged at a greater level of national or worldwide coordination and participation. Most significantly, it should promote both geek and nerd abilities! This may open the way for making friends from other universities and nations, resulting in a global networking that may later aid in a variety of ways, since friendships are something that last a lifetime.
  • Student Communities: It is critical to have a community representative to carry student pleas to the college management. A vibrant campus life is guaranteed if there exist communities and representatives to accept student recommendations for their benefits and welfare, and who can then stand up on their behalf.
  • Academic: This is the difficult phase, but it’s also quite rewarding if you enjoy the branch you’re in. To prosper over the years of your study, you must be really passionate about your programme. Personally, I believe that the academic structure should have the below strong points:

    • Course Options: There are several course options available to you.
    • Flexible system: The academic system should allow you to take any course you want, at flexible time under our desired professor.
    • Digitalized Education: Everything has gone digital in the world now literally. So it would be appreciated if attendance, lecture notes, syllabus, timetable, test schedules, assignments, project reports, marks, grades, curriculum, and other information are available on a digital platform.
    • Labs: Labs with all the necessary equipment for practicing all theoretical classes should be made available. I believe that learning might be more engaging if lessons are taught in labs with practical activities, since this allows basics to stay with us for a long time. This may be taken a step further if industry collaborates with skill centers to teach students for industrial needs rather than nibbling on theoretical texts.
    • Curriculum: Curriculum is the least desirable component of college life, yet it is the most vital. After all, we join in colleges to improve our knowledge of the disciplines we want to pursue. Nothing special; it would be preferable if it had more contemporary concepts and was more advanced in order to compete with an all around the globe.
  • Career: Finally, if you leave home with a job in your hand, you will be satisfied and will never be sorry about all the days of your college life. A joyful ending adds to the sweetness of memories. We all want the same thing. So it would be really welcomed if a college could provide placement and internship options, as well as entrepreneurial chances, so that we can talk about stories of adventure, friendship, and remarkable challenges that we’ve faced with a smile!