Career Trends in 2024

Moumita Boral

As we welcome the New Year, we will witnesses the plethora of changes and possibilities in the job market, promising significant changes in the employment landscape for students and experienced professionals. The #Classof2024 and beyond will emphasize constant reskilling and upskilling because of constant evolution and innovations; staying ahead of the curve and remaining relevant will become essential.

The complexities of the job market require that students comprehend and embrace the nuances of the growing job market and explore the world beyond campus, especially with graduation and placements for many educational institutions just around the horizon. Career trends in 2024 are expected to be significantly different from the current job market. Here is a look at the most relevant job market trends to check in 2024:

  • AI & ML wave is going to get bigger: Across all industries, hiring will be primarily driven by the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI/ML). The need for artificial intelligence technology, such as AI-based applicant tracking systems (ATS), is predicted to soar as organizations look to increase productivity. Both AI and ML specialists will be in high demand. In recent years, organizations have already integrated AI and automation into the talent acquisition process, such as screening of CVs, candidate searches, and applicant interviews, among others, and this will continue to accelerate in 2024.
  • Automation: The forefront of innovation: Rapid advancement in technology and innovation is creating new job opportunities. With the rising demand for tech-savvy professionals, including data analysts, cybersecurity experts, and software developers, it is mandatory for students to stay updated on the latest technologies to stay relevant in the job market.
  • E-commerce and Logistics Specialists: Professionals with e-commerce and logistics expertise are in high demand as a result of the growth of e-commerce. These experts are vital to the ecosystem of digital commerce, from streamlining supply chains to improving the online buying experience. Logistics maestros with extensive knowledge of supply chain optimization, emerging technologies, and data-driven insights can become the architects of user-friendly websites and intuitive shopping interfaces that enhance the online shopping experience of their users.
  • Content Creators & Digital Marketing Specialists: Digital marketing strategists and content creators are in great demand in the age of rapid news and information. These experts concentrate on brand exposure and engagement in the digital sphere, from creating captivating storylines to creating successful digital marketing strategies.
  • Non-Technical Job Options: Gone are the days when engineering or a career in science was considered the only high-paying and most reputed profession. There are a plethora of non-technical job opportunities, including Business Development Executive, Management Consultant, Investment Banker, HR Manager, Quality Analyst, Product Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist, Social Media Manager, and Graphic Designer, among others.
  • In-demand Soft Skills: In 2024, soft skills are going to gain more prominence along with technical expertise for tech/engineering professionals, as well as non-tech professionals. Students can enhance their job prospects by developing soft skills through team projects, public speaking, and participating in corporate social responsibilities, among others, to showcase their experiences of leadership, collaboration, adaptability, and conflict resolution, which emphasizes an all-inclusive skill set that is crucial in a competitive job market.

VIT’s focus in 2024 for career growth and development

VIT has been at the forefront regarding constant evolution and developments to help students stay relevant in the job market. VIT has developed curriculum that focuses diligently on the dynamics of the job market shifting and empowers students to achieve their career aspirations by providing them with the necessary support, guidance, and resources.

With reskilling and upskilling being essential in 2024, VIT is promoting a culture of lifelong learning and helping students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a rapidly changing job market. This is done through innovative projects, internships, providing training on soft skills, and building emotional intelligence and curiosity, among others.

To keep up with the trend of digitization and quick information, the School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC) has recently introduced the M.Tech program in Smart Mobility. The objective of this program is to boost students’ technological proficiency and increase productivity. VIT and Renault Nissan came together to launch this Master’s Program in Smart Mobility for the academic year 2024–25. This is a significant milestone in VIT, as this customized program aims to create future technology leaders that will help the economy in the long run.

Numerous conferences are held regularly in VIT, such as IC-ETITE, to promote extensive research in information technology, computer engineering, communication engineering, and electronics engineering and to afford an international platform for researchers, academicians, engineers, industrialists, and students around the world to share their research findings with global experts in the field of science and technology.

Non-Technical/Science Programs @ VIT

VIT has achieved significant milestones in offering non-technical programs to students. The MBA program at VIT is designed as per current industry trends, and top recruiters, including Microsoft, Bank of America, Cognizant, Cisco, and PayPal, among others, have provided suitable placements to VIT Business School (VITBS) students.

A comprehensive program in B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration is offered to students at VIT for a promising career in the field of hospitality, which includes food and beverage service, front office administration, food safety and quality, food production operations, room service, and tourism, among others. Recently, a dedicated Hotel Management Systems (HMS) Software Lab was set up in the School of Hotel & Tourism Management (HOT) that will train students in streamlining all tasks related to hotel management.

The B.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture program at VIT School of Agricultural Innovations And Advanced Learning (VAIAL) offers deep knowledge, practical experience, and a wide array of research opportunities in the field of agriculture, enhancing the expertise of students to advance their careers in agriculture. VAIAL School has its own farmlands and livestock units, where students receive first-hand knowledge of farming and milking or animals, among others. Significant milestones, like cultivating crops on the moon and Mars, were achieved by VAIAL School.

Specialized Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) programs are offered to students that ensure their industry preparedness when they venture into the job market. Courses like B.Com in Banking and Capital Markets are offered in association with the National Stock Exchange (NSE), where industry experts from NSE offer lectures to our students. In addition, courses like B.Com in Financial Technology (offered in association with NSE) and B.Com. in Business Process Services (offered in association with TCS) create a significant benefit for students. Events like COMFEST celebrate Commerce and help students showcase their skills in this field.

Architecture programs at the V-SPARC School of Architecture, provides aspiring architects with immense knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge infrastructure and digital technology. Our recent M.Arch program in Digital Technology for Building aims at training students in an amalgamation of construction and digital technology, like the BIM integrated curriculum, to meet the environmental and sustainable developments of our society.


Rapid technological advancements and industrial shifts have unveiled a multitude of employment opportunities for students (both engineering & non-engineering). However, constant upskilling and reskilling in terms of leadership training or new certifications would be required to enhance their upward mobility in the workforce for the future. The ability to adapt and collaborate diligently at the workplace would help students survive any work environment. Here at VIT, we will provide students with the required access to the materials, instruments, and direction they require in order to research career opportunities and make informed decisions.