A Complete Career Guide to a B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration

There are no second thoughts about the fact that the hospitality industry is unique in many ways. Hospitality management courses are now one of the most popular and quite in demand among students worldwide. It is a booming industry, and courses like the B.Sc. in Hotel Management or the B.Sc. in Hospitality Industry are booming, with the potential for a fruitful career among students seeking to be in the service sector.

What makes the hospitality sector so unique and special? Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Administration students get an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a dynamic and fast-paced working environment through effective planning and execution of food and beverage services, as well as in managing exceptional guest relations. Other factors that make the hospitality industry so interesting and unique are:
  • The hospitality industry is the only sector where service providers oversee the basic requirements of people, including food, water, room service (accommodation), and safety.
  • This is the industry where one gets to witness the utility of different raw materials, right from food to clothes and maybe electrical equipment’s.
  • The hospitality sector is the only sector that keeps its doors open 24×7.
  • This is the only industry that is managed by the people, for the people, and with the people. Right from top managerial posts to general housekeeping, one can join this industry as per their training and qualifications.
Top Career Opportunities in a B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration: With globalization at its peak, the hospitality industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Hotel management courses are flourishing. Numerous catering programs and hospitality management colleges are mushrooming to cater to the current demands of the industry. In order to meet the minimal eligibility requirements for the course, candidates must pass the 10+2 exam. Admission to the same is determined by an entrance exam that varies depending on the institution. However, there is no entrance examination at VIT. The top career opportunities that any student can acquire in the hospitality industry are:
  • Hotel Manager: Perhaps one of the most coveted jobs is one that not only offers a good pay package but also an opportunity to move across the board to work with some of the best names in the hospitality industry.
  • Chef: A good chef will always be in high demand in this thriving job market in the hotel industry. Chefs usually belong to the top-level personnel in the kitchens who have expertise in all cuisines and have the creativity & innovation to create new recipes that aren’t drafted in the existing cookbooks. In high-end restaurants and tourism destinations like France and Italy, chefs are paid quite handsomely.
  • Resort Manager: There is a continuous demand for skilled resort managers who can manage the resort operations and ensure the smooth functioning of each and every aspect of its departments. With increased demand for destination weddings and theme-based parties, a good resort manager can enhance guest experiences while being paid well for the services.
  • Housekeeping Supervisor: A good housekeeping staff or supervisor can enhance a guest’s experience through “unmatched hospitality.” The housekeeping staff takes care of all the facilities, right from cleaning up to room sanitization, ensuring the smooth operation of duties.
  • Government Jobs: Students can get jobs in State Tourism Development Corporations, where they can get jobs as guest house managers, chefs, and housekeeping supervisors.
  • Flight attendant: It is another high-paying and in-demand job in the hospitality industry. There are numerous advantages to being a flight attendant. One is getting to travel while at work. The salary and perks are also lucrative.
  • Entrepreneur: A degree in hospitality management can also pave the way for entrepreneurship. A student can set up their own business, or they can help in their family’s established business.
B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration at the School of Hotel & Tourism Management (HOT) in VIT – “Where Hospitality Meets the Future” The B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration program at HOT School in VIT comprehensively aims at providing students with an understanding of all the current practices of the hospitality industry through an effective understanding of theories and laboratory practices. The students are inculcated with aspects of the operations of the hospitality sector, including front and back-office operations, housekeeping, culinary, food and beverage, marketing and sales, conferences, financial management, HR and personnel relations, purchasing and storage, sanitation, and tourism marketing and management. Advantages of studying B.Sc. in Hospitality and Hotel Administration at HOT School:
  • Industry exposure & connections: At HOT School, you get the opportunity to attend multiple industry conferences and events. This gives you the opportunity to network with the right connections and stay abreast of industry trends.
  • Be a part of the Global Curriculum: A curriculum that imparts both theoretical and practical knowledge regarding every aspect of hotel, catering, and hospitality management, as well as helping students to inculcate hygiene and sanitation knowledge as per international standards and understand human nature to be able to serve customers better in the future.
  • Career Experience: Students will gain hands-on career experience through cooperative education and internships. They will gain skill development in the areas of front office, housekeeping, food production, and food and beverage service. During the 2nd year of the curriculum, students will gain extensive industrial exposure training (the Capstone project) from reputed 5-star hotels like the Oberoi, Sheraton, and Leela Palace, among others.
  • Engage with Faculty: Our faculty experts will infuse their industry experience and latest research into their courses.
  • Make Alumni Connections: Access our vast network of successful alumni, who work in a range of exciting hospitality career fields.
With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and an industry-relevant curriculum, VIT equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in various sectors of the hospitality industry. Through practical training, internships, and industry collaborations, students gain valuable hands-on experience that prepares them for the demands of the field. Whether aspiring to become hotel managers, culinary experts, or event planners, VIT fosters a supportive environment for students to thrive and succeed in their hospitality careers. Students become proficient in computer skills, communication, intercultural team dynamics, industry standards, and moral principles. Additionally, they can choose to work in luxury hotels and related industries such as retail food and beverage stores, fast food chains, guest accommodations, industrial catering, marketing, housekeeping, accounting, culinary arts, food and beverage services, entertainment, event planning, and tour guiding, among others. According to Professor Ravishankar B., Assistant Dean of HOT School, “The core object of HOT School is steering 100% placements. Students are also encouraged to pursue higher studies and can become entrepreneurs. Our students get placed in reputed 5-star hotels like Oberoi, Taj, Marriott’s, Sheraton, Leela Palace, and in aviation sectors. Students are also encouraged to learn a foreign language, which can enhance their opportunities. Some students go for specialisations like hospitality management from international universities.” He additionally states that embarking on a career in the dynamic hospitality industry begins with understanding its diverse sectors, from hotels to restaurants, event planning to tourism. Identify your passions and strengths, whether it’s excelling in customer service or mastering the culinary arts. While formal education and training can provide a solid foundation, hands-on experience gained through internships or entry-level roles is invaluable. Network actively, develop essential soft skills like communication and adaptability, and consider specialising in a specific area as you gain expertise. Stay updated with industry trends and seize growth opportunities to progress in your career. Embrace challenges with a positive attitude and a focus on delivering exceptional service, and you’ll pave the way for a rewarding journey in hospitality.