Cyanidin- A New warrior in combat against Rheumatoid arthritis and Psoriasis

By G Laina

Rheumatoid arthritis poses a formidable challenge to healthcare worldwide, with its elusive cure and debilitating effects. However amidst this grim scenario, a beacon of hope emerges from the laboratories of Vellore institute of technology, under the guidance of Dr. M. Rasool, Principal Investigator, Immunopathology Lab.

Their ground breaking research delves into the therapeutic potential of cyanidin, a pure   compound commonly found in wild berries, heralding a new chapter in the disease treatment.

In a pioneering move, Dr. M. Rasool’s team embarked on the journey to repurpose cyanidin, aiming to enhance its efficacy in slowing RA progression. They were the first in India to initiate such research, underscoring their commitment to tackling the disease’s ravages. Their efforts bore fruit as cyanidin proved to be more than a mere antioxidant; it emerged as a potent regulator of RA proliferation rates, surpassing existing clinical methods in efficacy.

The findings underscoring the therapeutic implications of Cyanidin in RA, prompted the team to further investigate the molecule in yet another autoimmune disease, Psoriasis. Cyanidin, being a natural IL-17R antagonist, fueled the basis for its exploration in psoriasis, a disease largely orchestrated by the IL-17 cytokine.

Bearing fruit to the convention, the natural compound held up the promise, not only in alleviating symptoms but also in addressing the underlying mechanisms of RA and psoriasis, thus offering a holistic approach in the management of these autoimmune diseases. More interestingly, Cyanidin was found to effectively restore the defective Th17 and Treg cells balance and reinforce perturbed immune homeostasis.

During pre-clinical testing, cyanidin showcased remarkable potential in reducing skin thickness and associated skin lesions in psoriasis, further bolstering its therapeutic profile. These observations instilled confidence, prompting the team to file for patent registration to protect their groundbreaking discovery from cyanidin’s inception.

In a testament to their collaborative spirit, Dr. M. Rasool’s team is currently engaged in partnerships with small industries to expedite the translation of their research from bench to bedside. These collaborations aim to facilitate clinical trials and pave the way for cyanidin to reach those in need expeditiously.

The significance of their findings is underscored by their publication in prestigious journals, garnering attention and recognition on a global scale. This milestone not only validates their research but also propels cyanidin into the spotlight as a promising candidate in the fight against RA and Psoriasis.

As the journey continues, fueled by determination and innovation, the VIT team remains steadfast in their mission to revolutionize RA treatment. With cyanidin leading the charge, there is newfound hope for millions afflicted by this relentless disease, promising a brighter future free from the shackles of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis.