Glimpse of Tara & Sitara – Robots at MBA Orientation Program 2024

“You are the future talent who will go into the market,” the voice of Ms. Sonia Nagpal, National Campus Strategy and Programmes Leader, Deloitte US-India, resonated during MBA 2024–26 batch orientation program. She further stated that human capabilities are essential to keep pace with the technological advancement, and gave the examples of Tara & Sitara, the two robots bought by Deloitte University, Hyderabad, recently.  “Everybody was scared when these robots came to the office, as they felt their job was going to be at risk. On the contrary, Deloitte hired two professionals to manage Tara & Sitara. So the bottom line is when AI or ML takes over the World, there would be new jobs that would be created and as future leaders we should have that capability and move forward in that” concluded Ms. Nagpal.


The MBA 2024–26 batch of students received a hearty welcome from VIT Business School (VITBS) during the orientation on June 19, 2024. The ceremony witnessed the induction of 129 students from 20 states across India, showcasing a diverse student cohort and gender equality. During the orientation, the students learned about the values of VIT and the opportunities and responsibilities as “future business leaders” that are associated with their MBA programme as they embark on their journey of studies and professional growth.


Students were given a thorough rundown of their MBA programme at this introduction session, along with information on how they might use their two years on campus to pursue their intellectual and extracurricular interests. The new cohort of students also learned from faculty, industry experts, and VIT’s higher leadership.


Our Hon’ble Chancellor, Dr. G. Viswanathan, motivated the students with his power-packed speech, wherein he laid out the importance of management education in current times and said that in a world full of uncertainty, management education is becoming highly important, thereby motivating the students to give their best for the next two crucial years of their academic lives.

Amid the excitement of new beginnings, the students were diligently briefed about the values and culture of VIT by the Dean of VIT Business School, Dr. Vajjhala Venkata Gopal, wherein he congratulated the students for choosing VIT for their higher studies and assured them that the exceptional and knowledgeable faculty of VITBS will assist them in shaping their careers and nurturing their well-being.


VIT Business School has ACBSP and AACSB, USA accreditation, which focuses on research and innovation. VITBS has made it to the QS ranking for its quality teaching, research facilities, and good placements. The leadership and entrepreneurial journey embarked by the MBA students will ensure that they can make their presence felt among the engineering students at the campus.