On 27/09/23, 2 news labs belonging to the School of Advanced Sciences (SAS) were inaugurated (one each at PRP & MG Block) by our Chancellor Dr. G. Viswanathan in the august presence of Vice-Presidents Mr. Sankar Viswanathan, Dr. G.V. Selvam, Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr. Partha Sharathi Mallick, Registrar Dr. T. Jayabarathi, Dean of the School Dr. Arunai Nambiraj and various other teaching & non-teaching staff members

Why should you adopt an interdisciplinary approach in B.Com?

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) courses has rapidly evolved in the past few years with regards to the changing needs of the business world and the job sector. With the advancement of technology, B.Com courses are increasingly focusing on data science, machine learning, and AI, among others, apart from economics, entrepreneurship, and business concepts.

Unveiling the Coolest Engineering Jobs You Never Knew Existed!

Engineers are an integral part of any industry. Although it is the latest market trends that determine the popularity of engineering programs or jobs, with millennials comprising the largest population of the current workforce, IT (information technology) or CSE (computer science engineering) with specialization in cybersecurity or data sciences are the most in-demand engineering programs or sought-after professions. Even core engineering (B.Tech) students from mechanical or civil branches are pursuing a few IT-related certifications (Programming and Automation) to be competitive in the current job market.

Campus Chronicles: Tales of Adventure, Friendship, and Epic Memories!

Life is all about having fun and learning, and college is a big part of that! Going to college, whether for the first time or returning after a few years, may be stressful, which is why I want to be clear about one thing: everyone is going to be on the same boat! Life will teach you a lot, whether you are a day scholar or a hosteller, so be prepared to learn from every event. However, hostellers are going to enjoy their college life a bit more than day scholars.

Winning the Future through the selection of Engineering Colleges!

Engineering is one of the most popular and sought-after degrees in India and around the world along with the medical profession. It is a very popular choice of degree for students in India. Although engineering is challenging, it’s an extremely rewarding profession because it is intellectually stimulating, offers good career prospects, and has reputed social status.