Complete Career Guidance to Hospitality & Hotel Administration

There are no second thoughts about the fact that the hospitality industry is unique in many ways. Hospitality management courses are now one of the most popular and quite in demand among students worldwide. It is a booming industry, and courses like the B.Sc. in Hotel Management or the B.Sc. in Hospitality Industry are booming, with the potential for a fruitful career among students seeking to be in the service sector

Careers & Opportunities for Life Sciences Students @ VIT

If you are fascinated by the intricate workings of life and keen to delve deeper into the secrets of the natural world, then Life Science courses that help you explore the world of biology, genetics, microorganisms, and much more are the right choice for you.

A self-confessed geek who found his calling at VIT

With business running in his DNA, it was hardly surprising that Sandal Kotawala, who hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan, had the best time of his life in the four years he spent on the VIT campus in Vellore, while he was pursuing a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering.

Using black soldier fly larvae to compost organic waste

It was a serendipitous turn of events that saw TV Anup turn an entrepreneur. After completing his Master’s in Biotechnology from VIT, Anup worked in a number of companies, including pharmaceutical companies. His last stint was with a multinational FMCG company in Dubai. This was when he got married and returned to India so that his wife could complete her Master’s.

Helping tackle knee related problems using technology

Helping tackle knee related problems using technology Ashva Wearable has developed a wearable device that helps physiotherapists and orthopaedic doctors better treat knee pain in patients N. Ramakrishnan Anmol Ajay Saxena says she was always prone to knee injuries, especially when she was studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at VIT Vellore. She had also seen […]

A sneak peek in to the Audio Production Studio

Envision a fully equipped audio studio adorned with the sophisticated DM 7 V 5.1 speakers and the immersive Dolby Atmos 7.1, setting an industry standard that resonates with excellence?

Made in India drones for defence and other industries

Arth Chowdhary had an abiding interest in aircraft, right from his school days. When he joined VIT for his mechanical engineering degree, he turned his attention to designing and making drones for various applications. He then teamed up with batchmates Oshi Kumari, who was also studying mechanical engineering, and Deyvant Bhardwaj, an Electrical & Electronics Engineering student, to start insideFPV Ventures Pvt. Ltd., to make drones. The start-up got incubated at VIT TBI

Career Trends in 2024

As we welcome the New Year, we will witnesses the plethora of changes and possibilities in the job market, promising significant changes in the employment landscape for students and experienced professionals. The #Classof2024 and beyond will emphasize constant reskilling and upskilling because of constant evolution and innovations; staying ahead of the curve and remaining relevant will become essential